The Misadventures of Tao & Lola: Labor Day Weekend Style


Leave it to these two to squeeze one last pool day into Summer! On the final Sunday before Labor Day Tao and Lola grabbed their college-mate Tina and broke out the kiddie pool (the dogs aren’t much for the beach.) Tina showed up dressed to the nines in a halter top and mini skirt set by Pucci, a sequined Prada carryall, and a wide brimmed purple straw hat. Never the ones to be outdone, the doggies donned chic sun visors and Tao’s signature sunglasses have morphed into very apropos swimming goggles. Lola may be destined to wear white after Labor Day, but some fashion rules seem to bend for this stylish pair.

IMG_7564 IMG_7607 IMG_7576