The Misadventures Of Tao & Lola: Chanel Picnic


Oh, these two! You’ve got to admire great taste when you encounter it. Tao and Lola, the tenacious twosome here at C.Madeleine’s recently snuck out of doggy daycare for a sunny Sunday picnic! Not only did they hide away in their favorite woodsy corner of Miami, they brought along a bottle of Moët with two flutes and carried it all in a jumbo Chanel purse! These pooches were certainly not roughing it. Before getting caught, they enjoyed basking in the sunshine and chasing a few butterflies.


On this week’s installment of The Misadventures of Tao & Lola, the furry models got to spend a day in the park. We, of course, had lots of treats on hand. Lola looked fabulous in a 1960s fringe choker while Tao looked dapper in a white collar and turquoise bow-tie. The cheery mood was set to perfection with a pastel printed Chanel tote, available in store, as well as a chilled bottle of Moët & Chandon. Pinkies up!

IMG_5791 IMG_5760 IMG_5796