The Misadventures of Tao & Lola: Back To School

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Tao and Lola definitely enjoyed their summer. From ritzy dinners to last minute vacations across the globe, these two really took advantage of the long, sunny days and hot, sultry nights. But September is just around the corner and it’s about time these two went back to school- college, to be exact. No stranger to private schools, the duo are especially excited for the style freedom of higher education.While Lola’s got her mind set on showing off all her new clothes, Tao is not so excited for his advanced trigonometry and economics classes. At least they’ve already got the perfect study buddy for Fashion 101 (as if they needed a lesson in style). The trendy trio strolled into orientation class like the coolest of the cool kids while their peers could only take notes.

Tao is wearing a vintage cravat- a decidedly more mature look than he’s been donning these last weeks. Lola looked fab in matching black bows and an extra fluffy coat. Tina is styled in a Clueless-esque bell sleeve white button down shirt, 1980s pleated plaid skirt, white knee socks and vintage Chanel pumps. The ultimate back to school staple, however, is the Jean Paul Gaultier black leather backpack. The over the shoulder style is perfect for days spent in and out of school and is available in our Miami showroom.



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