The Misadventures Of Tao & Lola: A Grand Bazaar



These two have a real eye for exotic fashion! Tao and Lola embarked on a last minute trip far, far away to pick up some goodies for their extensive wardrobe. Immediately they were taken aback by otherworldly designs made of the finest silk and beads. Mysterious potions and spices filled the air as they mulled over their next purchases. Shimmering gold and jewels were tempting, but they were more intrigued by beaded purses tucked into a vintage velvet suitcase (which they also bought.)  Exploring enchanted lands surely paid off as they jetted back to the states with a new assortment of sartorial delights in tow.

This week’s installment of The Misadventures of Tao & Lola was as fun for them as it was for us! Lola is no wallflower when it comes to the camera lens, so she was on her best behavior draped in a vintage indian bib neck piece. Tao has become the breakout star (wrapped in gold and black silk) and is effectively over his photo shoot jitters. We mixed vintage and contemporary- juxtaposing authentic Indian Saris, Middle Eastern trinkets and wooden sculptures with luxurious handbags by John Galliano, Etro, and Christian Louboutin. Snag a great bag at C.Mad’s and book your next flight!




ITEM OF THE DAY: Aztec Tribal Turquoise Ring

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Today’s ITEM OF THE DAY comes from a land far away! This Tribal Head Ring is made of Sterling Silver and authentic Turquoise, with inlaid stones. Similar to the Indian Chief Head which is quite a popular design, this ring takes it one step further, adding an Aztec touch. A show stopping piece all on it’s own. Wear this ring with your modern jewelry for an ethnic twist!

This ring has a sizing bar attached as is resizable, perfect for changing positions from one finger to the next. Available In-store. Call for more details! (305) 945-7770

Zandra Rhodes’ Favorite at C.Madeleine’s!

For the fashion enthusiast who sees glamour and femininity in technicolor, we at C.Madeleine’s suggest becoming acquainted with the effervescent English designer, Zandra Rhodes. With a fervent focus on printed textile design throughout her Art School years, since entering the fashion world in the late 1960s, Rhodes’ flair for intense color and unique ethnic inspired prints quickly became her celebrated namesake. While incorporating her bright and eccentric prints upon dramatic silhouettes that were fit for royalty, Rhodes’ pieces ultimately caught the attention of such style mavens as Diana, Princess of Wales, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, and ‘Queen’ front liner Freddie Mercury.

With decades of award-winning designs under her fiercely fabulous belt, Ms. Rhodes’ was questioned by authors Monsef, Safer, and de Niet on which masterpiece she holds with the highest adoration. Featured in their impressively illustrated book, ‘My Favourite Dress’, Rhodes’ honors her famed Ayers Rock print of 1974 as the treasured choice. The popular design that was amongst the closet’s of one Jackie Onassis and sister, Princess Lee Rodiwell, can now be yours to own and cherish for all your fashion forward days to come. Snag this rare piece and other Rhodes gems at the C.Madeleine’s Zandra Rhodes Online Boutique!