A Tribute to the Queen of Prep

After schoolmate Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed wearing one of Lilly Pulitzer’s dresses made from kitchen curtain material, the shift dresses became a hit!  But Pulitzer didn’t always have aspirations of being the head of an iconic fashion brand.  After marrying former husband Richard Pulitzer and settling in Palm Beach county, the bored socialite opened a juice stand in 1959 to pass the time.  But there was a problem; squeezing the juice left her clothes in ruins.  Pulitzer asked her dressmaker to create something she could wear that would hide the juice stains and they came up with the sleeveless cotton shift dresses in bright prints which would eventually earn the name the “Lilly” dress.  Today Lilly Pulitzer dresses are a staple amongst the American prep style.

1. 1960s Butterfly Shift Dress 2. Sleeveless Sun Dress 3. Chartreuse Dress 4. Golden Yellow Sun Dress

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer’s passing on April 7, we wanted to gather some of our original “Lillys” to share with you.  These amazing dresses are the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.  There isn’t a more fitting way to pay homage to Lilly Pulitzer then to “Do it With Vintage” in one of her original pieces!

Zandra Rhodes’ Favorite at C.Madeleine’s!

For the fashion enthusiast who sees glamour and femininity in technicolor, we at C.Madeleine’s suggest becoming acquainted with the effervescent English designer, Zandra Rhodes. With a fervent focus on printed textile design throughout her Art School years, since entering the fashion world in the late 1960s, Rhodes’ flair for intense color and unique ethnic inspired prints quickly became her celebrated namesake. While incorporating her bright and eccentric prints upon dramatic silhouettes that were fit for royalty, Rhodes’ pieces ultimately caught the attention of such style mavens as Diana, Princess of Wales, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, and ‘Queen’ front liner Freddie Mercury.

With decades of award-winning designs under her fiercely fabulous belt, Ms. Rhodes’ was questioned by authors Monsef, Safer, and de Niet on which masterpiece she holds with the highest adoration. Featured in their impressively illustrated book, ‘My Favourite Dress’, Rhodes’ honors her famed Ayers Rock print of 1974 as the treasured choice. The popular design that was amongst the closet’s of one Jackie Onassis and sister, Princess Lee Rodiwell, can now be yours to own and cherish for all your fashion forward days to come. Snag this rare piece and other Rhodes gems at the C.Madeleine’s Zandra Rhodes Online Boutique!

Do It With Vintage: Space Age Fashion

The sleigh bells have ceased ringing, the soaring confetti all been swept. Yet again, a new year is upon us. And much to all disbelief, yes, it really is the year 2012. Although, this unimaginabe year has yet to deliver flying cars and space stations beyond this universe, at C.Madeleine’s we are savvy to the idea of these futuristic images and welcome the inspiration to our wardrobe.

With a Jetsons portrait in mind, we are reminded of the Space Age collections of the 1960s that were brought to us from such fashion pioneers as Andres Courreges and Pierre Cardin. To achieve such futuristic concepts, designers incorporated a heavy usage of unconventional materials and shapes to their clothing. Vinyl, PVC, and plastic textiles were utilized upon boxy mini-dresses and geometrically shaped accessories. This avant-garde look can be yours with C.Madeleine’s within your closet. Although, teleportation of your modern new pose is lightyears beyond our technology, order online and expect an ultra chic and futuristic parcel at your doorstep in 3 to 5 business days!

1980s Barrette, Pierre Hardy Heels, 1960s Frank Usher Mini-Dress, Chloe Cashmere Coat, 1980s Vinyl Clutch, Marc Jacobs Booties, Gareth Pugh Vinyl Dress

A History Lesson: Bob Mackie

Here at C. Madeleine’s, the sparkle in our eyes illuminate when we catch just a glimmer of the sequins and intricate beading of Bob Mackie’s exuberant evening gowns. Better known to those in the fashion world as the ‘Sultan of Sequins’ or the ‘Rajah of Rhinestones’, this Emmy award winning fashion mogul has left his star studded footprints all over Tinsel Town, dressing Hollywoods most legendary divas and vixens.

From conception, fashion flowed through Mr. Mackie’s veins like a drug. Raised in Southern California, where celebrity sightings are as common as a hiccup, Mackie became addicted to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood style. He immersed himself with all aspects of theatrical design through television and film. Soon after graduating design school, Mackie began work as an assistant to famed Hollywood designer, Edith Head, and America watched as his career unfolded before their eyes. His costume designs with Head caught the eye of industry executives who hired Mackie to design the entire costume collection for the “Carol Burnett Show”. Mackie celebrated a grand career with Ms. Burnett, and many of his legendary works of art went down in the fashion hall of fame.

Mr. Mackie’s next career milestone was with the “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour”, baking the bread for Cher’s butter. Mackie complimented her notoriously mesmerizing presence with his distinguished and over-embellished costumes. Creating looks that were impossible to turn away from, Cher and her costumes “soon became one of the biggest draws on weekly television”.

Mackie launched his ready-to-wear line in 1982 to an uproarious applaud. His grand creations began turning heads as Hollywoods elite took notice of his design genius and flaunted their own personal Mackie’s down the red carpet. Hypnotizing cameras with theatrical designs, dazzling beading, and colorful embellishments, anybody who was anybody was wearing Bob Mackie. Among those are Cher’s fervent feather headdress from the 86′ Academy Awards and Madonna’s pearl-encrusted and lavish fur white-out at the 91′ Academy Awards.

Get these looks and more at the Bob Mackie Boutique at C.Madeleines online. Duplicate the talented trio, Diana Ross and the Supreme’s 1969 performance gowns with this 1980s Bob Mackie gold and white beaded column gown.

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