Spotlight: Camilla Skovgaard

We are currently obsessed with one of the newest pieces to our collection here at C. Madeleine’s, our Camilla Skovgaard Wedge Saw Sole Booties.   Black booties are a staple that every girl should have, but these Skovgaard’s are beyond any typical pair of black shoes.  The saw-edge sole are Danish designer’s unique signature on most of her shoes. Skovgaard’s shoes are unique but extremely wearable. The designer’s versatile shoes have become a household name in Hollywood.  These booties have been seen many a time by the paparazzi.  So who have we seen wearing these killer shoes?

Chloe Moretz was seen wearing these beauties with black tights and lots of layers.

Style icon and official Bad Gal, Rihanna has been seen performing is Skovgaard shoes on multiple occasions.  Here she is wearing the saw sole wedges in black.

Repeat Offender Whitney Port has been seen wearing these shoes on multiple occasions (and in different colors).

Even Camilla Skovgaard herself has been seen in her genius creations! Skovgaard has been quoted saying her shoes are for the “intelligent fashionista”, we definitely agree.

So now the real question is, how would you wear these killer booties?

Andrea Henao