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1. 1960’s Swirl Brocade Pantsuit Set 2. 1960’s Hanae Mori Knit Skirt Set 3. 1980s Betsey Johnson Tank & Leggings Set 4. 1960s Eloise Curtis for Happenstance Tunic & Pants Set 5. 1990s Moschino Yellow Pages Blazer & Pants Set 6. 1970’s Animal-Print Palazzo Set 7. 1990s Moschino Grass-Print Pants 8. 1970s Magazine-Print Pants 9. 1970s Floral-Print Pants

Andrea Henao

  • Kyle

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  • Open

    I think I might try the NARS body oil. And maybe the coloured msrcaaa, but I prefer coloured liner. From your previous makeup posts I’ve tried They’re Real by Benefit and the NARS tinted moisturizer. The msrcaaa separated my lashes nicely, but that’s all it did. Either I got 1 from a bad batch or my lashes are hopelessly short :(. As for the tinted moisturizer, I haven’t used it long enough, but so far so good!

  • Khalid

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