Needed Me A #ThrowBackThursday

When it comes to style, we know that when Rihanna makes a fashion statement, the world reacts in a frenzy; whether it’s pairing girlie socks with Puma fur slides or a casual camouflage trench thrown over airport attire, the girl knows how to dress herself while inevitably making fashionistas go wild. Course, with the release of her newest video, Needed Me (2016), the Lady of Pop did it again, and this time leaving her audience all choked up.  

Styled by Mel Ottenberg, the BadGirlRiri dons a sheer silk organza couture robe from Rosamosariom while adorned in three easy but sensual jewelry pieces, each irresistible and eye-catching, including a vintage, triple stacked pearl choker from the 1960’s, purchased right here at C’Madeleine’s! Beautifully layered with her own delicate necklaces, one of which pays homage to Africa, we can’t help but be in awe of how flawless she looks yet again.

So, for today’s #ThrowBackThursday, we’re blasting a little “fun on the run” in the office as we’ve curated some of  of our favorite oversized and understated chokers, ready for the fashion obsessed to #NailTheLook. Shop Chokers, now online.

BadGirlRiRi Pearls

Photo via @_kyra


  • Alejandra Dell’Oro

    She looks great in this PiC!