Madeleine in New York: Fashion Week Edition

Madeleine was personally invited by Michael Kors to attend his 30th anniversary show for New York Fashion Week.

Naturally, she couldn’t refuse.

Some of Maddy’s vacation highlights are included here.

The first thing Maddy did upon landing, as any self-respecting fashionista would, was to go shopping. Here, Maddy shows off her new booties.

Inside the show. Madeleine wears bracelets from a C. Madeleine’s Featured Designer: Danelle B. Danelle’s bracelets are currently in store & will be featured on our website within this coming month. Be on the look out for them!

Maddy’s favorite looks from the show. Images are from

By the end of the week, Maddy was fashion-ed out. She did, however, manage to fit in some Fifth Avenue window-shopping for inspiration.