Maddy is a “Woman To Watch!”

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On this week’s addition of CBS Miami’s Women To Watch, the Trend Tracker Tara Gilani visits C.Madeleine’s to talk with Madeleine Kirsh. The segment features prominent women who have distinguished themselves and become role models for other females. You will love hearing about Maddy’s drive and her love for fashion, the store, and life itself. Tara was right on when she selected Madeleine for this inspiring interview.

“In this unique boutique, it’s not about trends. It’s about history and stories. “From the moment I walk in and I see these beautiful clothes and the legacy that people have given me, how can you not love it? It’s history behind every piece in here,” said Kirsh.” -CBS Miami


Watch below as Tara and CBS discover what makes C.Madeleine’s such a special place!

Watch the full interview here