Iconic: Kate Moss

Or as I like to call her, The Model Game Changer.  Kate Moss flipped the modeling industry on its head when her skinny 5 foot 7 stepped out on the scene.  Since arriving on the scene in the 90s, Kate Moss has been the influence of fashion trends and at the top of every Best Dressed list.  Moss’s style is bohemian crossed with the ultimate rocker girl, and although the model always looks chic, somehow she always manages to keep it looking effortless.  In a sea of skinny jeans Kate Moss dared to step out in some 70s style flares, she made leopard print jackets a must-have, and is always one to dabble with vintage.  For those of us who want to evoke a little Kate Moss into our everyday style, here’s a style guide that will have you effortlessly looking like the coolest model in the game.

1. 1960s Faux-Fur Leopard Coat 2.Stetson Black Wool Hat 3. 1980s Moschino Black Leather Clutch 4. Stella McCartney Faux-Leather Boots 5. 1970s Deck of Cards Jeans

Andrea Henao