Feature: “The Pleasure & The Pain” Music Video by Lenny Kravitz

We were so thrilled to hear that our items would be featured in Lenny Kravitz’s new music video, among many other features, so when the video premiered…. HOW COOL! It’s no surprise that the rock star used our items since he is indeed a longtime friend of Madeleine’s herself! Featuring C. Madeleine pieces, this cool black & white video included some fabulous items like the black sheer caftan with silver paillettes, the black & gold lurex skinny scarf & the floral handkerchief hem 70’s dress, etc.! Hippy yet trendy, C. Madeleine’s was worn with style. Our clothes were a perfect fit for this free-spirited, classic, yet risqué video that overall gave off a 70’s rock & roll vibe. Go watch “The Pleasure & The Pain” by Lenny Kravitz featuring some our clothing and tell us what you think! Shop at CMADELEINES.com to get the exact black sequin dress worn by the female lead in the opening of the video & other similar items too!