Fashion Icons: “Take A Walk In Her Shoes” With The Chapman Partnership

When the Chapman Partnership originally asked C’Madeleine’s to be a part of their “Take A Walk In Her Shoes” annual fashion celebrating Miami’s top women philanthropists and community leaders, we knew we couldn’t say no to such an amazing cause.  Now, seven years later C’Madeleine’s has had the very honor of producing their yearly Womenade’s “7th Annual Take A Walk In Her Shoes” Fashion Show honoring some of South Florida’s top women who have dedicated themselves to raising funds and improving the lives of homeless women in the Miami-Dade County.

Collaborating with Danny Santiago, renown fashion stylist from Sex & The City and Burn Notice, and Rik Rak Salon for hair and beauty, C’Madeleine’s had the privilege of producing what has become one of South Florida’s premier annual fashion events. And this year was no different.  Celebrating FASHION ICONS, we chose twelve remarkable and iconic women who have pushed the boundaries of both feminism and self-power.  From Jackie Onassis to Brigitte Bardot, Diana Ross to Madonna, the women selected this year spent their lifetime showcasing their unique style while empowering their own femininity in modern day culture. Each with their iconic fashion and exemplary roles in pop culture, we paid tribute to some of the most legendary women who have both masked and marked the power of women in everyday life.


And so, held at Miami’s Marriot Marquis, the C’Madeleine’s team headed to downtown Brickell Thursday morning to kick off the celebrations in full-fashion mode. Course, those of you who have experience in fashion know that it takes a village for a production of this size to go happen, and yesterday was no different.  Arriving on set at 8am, we were greeted with sleepy-eyed models and caffeinated beauty and hair attendants, ready to transform these long-legged damsels into revolutionary women of style.


Dying to see the magic brought to life? Click through for pictures; from behind the scenes to on the catwalk, observe how with just a little help of the imagination, style from the past is revived and continues to live on in our everyday lives. To learn more about the Chapman Partnership and to get involved with the cause, click here.


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Jackie Onassis

Brigitte Bardot