FASHION GONE LOCAL: Exploring C.Madeleine’s with Yoanna House

Having spent over twenty years building a candy store of collectable fashion, C’Madeleine’s is recognized world-wide as the mecca for vintage and designer clothing.  Referred as one of “The Fashion Wonders of the World,” it’s no surprise this 10,000 square foot destination attracts the who’s-who of the fashion scene, including celebrity stylists and photographers, designers like Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors, and stars of the red carpet like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.  


What Better Way To Greet Visitors than with Coco Chanel

Built by the eponymous owner Madeleine Kirsh herself (who’s unpredictable style personality is always perfectly complimented with eye frames and bedazzled Swarovskis), this eccentric menagerie of Chanel and Hermes is the only place Kirsh believes people can enter and “be anything they want to be.”


Where Chanel Dreams Become Reality

Whether it’s transcending a little bit of flower power from the 70’s or channeling her bad girl side with a touch of Madonna retro-wear, she believes this pandora’s box of color and fabrics can allow anyone to change not just their clothing, but their state of mind. Beautifully organized in chronological order by decades, there’s no shortage of the creativity here. 


There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Accessories

Ready to open pandora’s box of candy-colored fashion? Join Yoanna House from “Fashion Gone Local” as she joins Kirsh in store to discover the fashion emporium that is C.Madeleine’s for herself. Watch the full video below.