DROP A BEAT: Festival Fashionados

Summer kicking off on June 20th can only mean one thing: Festival Season is here! From some of the most popular like Glastonbury to Burning Man, summer highlights some of the most acclaimed artists out there, gracing the stage and penetrating our souls with their music and words.  Course, just like fashion, music is a form of  self-expression and in itself, an art form.  If anyone’s already checked out this year’s latest Coachella looks, we all recognize that fashion is no stranger when it comes to taking the stage.  Whether as a headliner or as simple as a festival goer, we can’t help but dress ourselves up in accordance with what’s inside our soul.  Taking a trip down memory lane, we’re sharing two of our favorite artists and how they changed the music scene with just one signature look.


Always ready to rock the fringe as he shred the guitar, Jimi Hendrix was no stranger to fashion’s limelight.  A classic look to show off a little edge while still staying carefree, Hendrix was an advocate of the fringe; an integral part of the hippie movement, it almost defined their freedom-seeking attitude.  And while the music at the time ranged from folk to funk, so did the fashion that mimicked it.  From brightly colored tie-dye to heavily beaded fringe, Hendrix knew how to rock out in gypsy style, ever so evident in festival goers today.  

Jimi Hendrix copy


For the notorious chill, we will forever remember Janis Joplin. Known for her raw and uninhibited talent, Joplin’s free-spirited attitude no doubt have affect on fashion culture, then and now.  Often portrayed in signature circular frames and easily styled, bohemian ponchos, it’s no wonder that people fell head over heels for this ultra-cool hippie feminist.  

Janis Joplin

So there you have it – straight from the stage; whether you’re looking to keep it fashionable cool or simply nonchalant, the clothes at the fairgrounds is all about what transporting you at the sound of the beat. To see more of our festival favorites, click here.

Images provided by: glamourtunist.com (Jimi Hendrix) and turquoisewhiskeydreams (Janis Joplin), woodstockstory (feature)