Do It With Vintage: Tony Alamo’s World of Embellishment

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Tony Alamo is known for his extravagant jeweled embellishments & his pieces are known world wide. His collection of jean jackets have been worn by the iconic stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Elvis Presley. Today, known stars like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus have been enamored by vintage collectibles and have been spotted wearing his pieces. These jackets are hard-to-find items  and we’re lucky to be able to sell his pieces here at C. Madeleine’s! You will find two vintage Tony Alamo pieces that are fully embellished with rhinestones of many colors and can be worn with a cute basic white cropped top with a flared mini skirt. For more information on how to get these pieces, call us directly at (305) 945-7770   or follow this link here & here.



  • toronto questioner

    The sequins on these jackets were applied by CULT VICTIMS of the TONY ALAMO FOUNDATION. Tony Alamo was imprisoned for child sexual assault and pornography for life and just died recently. It is a disgrace that these jackets designed by Alamo are being sold at all. Any profits should go to his VICTIMS. Please read the Times article and wikipedia. Please stop advertising his pieces.