Do it With Vintage: Swim

When it comes to vintage, a lot of us tend to overlook swimwear, but this summer why not mix it up by trying vintage swimwear and stray away from the typical Bandeau Pack?   As I’m sure all of us have heard on multiple occasions “trends always come back in style,” the pieces we put together couldn’t be a better example of that.

1. 1980s Rovi Floral Bathing Suit2.Yves Saint Laurent Fuchsia Bathing Suit, 3.1970s Jantzen Psychedelic Swimsuit4. 1970s Floral Print Velour Swimsuit5. Versace Gold Stem Bikini 6. Lilac Crochet Bikini

The Versace motif revival right now is one of the biggest trends we’re seeing at retailers everywhere.  Why not do right by Gianni Versace by actually donning one of his original pieces!  Our Vintage Versace Gold Stem Bikini is one of those remarkable pieces that while it is vintage, it timelessly looks contemporary.  The piece has magenta & light pink color blocking underneath original Versace floral print.  The gold bamboo shoots in the piece adds a touch of luxury to this bathing suit, perfect for spending a day taking in the sun poolside at Soho Beach House.   Crochet is a great way to stay on trend this summer.  Our Vintage Lilac Crochet Bikini is the perfect piece to try  hobo chic for the summer.  The violet, lilac, and lavender striped triangle top with solid boy short bottoms give you the chance to take on vintage at the beach this summer.   Match this adorable bikini with an oversized, floppy hat for an authentic vintage summer hippie look.

Be daring this summer!  Try something new by putting on something old, do swimwear this summer with vintage! We guarantee  you won’t have to deal with the embarrassing moment when you encounter someone in the same bikini as you!