Do It With Vintage: Lucite Clutches

While perusing the racks of your favorite department store, you suddenly stumble upon a piece that strikes the cords of your fashion forward heart. Your lust seems somewhat like a deja vu and you swear that your eyes have laid laud upon this item before. This intuition is not far off. Chances are you recognize the design from seeing something similar at your favorite vintage store, deep within your mother’s closet, or even in a time period movie. Favored contemporary designers look to fashion of the past for inspiration in creating today’s most sought after looks. With trends constantly being remixed, C.Madeleine’s is your one stop shop in discovering the memorable pieces that influence today’s most coveted looks.

Jimmy Choo’s gold glitter acrylic clutch mimics the lucite handbags of the 1950s. Like discovering your very own pearl oyster, wear this 1950s iridescent purple, marbelized pearl lucite handbag in awe. Similar to the effect of a plume of swirling smoke, the exterior lucite has a marble finish of light purple and pearl white. The top flap is asymmetrical and is adorned with two gold metallic indented stripes. Transform this elegant clutch into a shoulder bag with the leather strap, made detachable with the gold lobster claw clasps.