Do It With Vintage: Festival Style


Festival Season is just around the corner! With amazing, world renowned events such as SXSW, CoachellaWinter Music Conference, and many more festivals coming up (SXSW actually just started!), there’s no shortage of platforms to show off your  style. With so much “trendy” fast fashion watering down designs and trends, we decided to take a look back at the decades passed, to see how the original fashionistas dressed for their very own (and probably the first) music festivals. From the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival to Woodstock to Live Aid, there were numerous, large scale music festivals throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that set the sartorial tone for generations to come.

Tie Dye! Fringe! Floppy Hats! Whether you prefer a maxi dress or a matching set, leather and lace or maybe even all black, the only rule of festival dressing is to be yourself!  We adore vintage festival style- it’s so breezy and relaxed, yet each person looks perfectly different from the next. Take a gander at some of our favorite vintage looks, below, and let them inspire your festival style!


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