Do It With Vintage: Agate Jewelry

It is no mystery why the brilliant and exotic agate gemstone has been deposited all over fall/winter 2011 ready-to-wear collections. From Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent, this impressive chunk of mother nature is showing up on everything from earrings and necklaces to brooches and cuffs.

Let the mystic powers of agate enrich your life and wardrobe, and do it with vintage! Check out the spectacular oversized agate ring available at C.Madeleine’s Online!

Originating from volcanic rock, this gemstone innately presents itself in a variety of bold colors arranged in concentric circles. Since its discovery along the shores of the Greek Islands over 3,000 years ago, many ancient myths and traditions have surfaced around the stone. Legend suggests agate to be a powerful calming and emotional healer, warding off insomnia while producing pleasurable dreams. It is said to offer a heightened sense of confidence, while also improving stamina and stability.

For further information on exotic gemstones, look to the International Colored Gemstone Association for all your earthly inquiries.