Diane Von Furstenberg: A Picture of The American Woman

New York Fashion Week has arrived, and with it a legion of American Designers who are all worth a mention. First on our list is the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg!


When you talk about American Fashion designers, more so, when you talk about women of this century, you have to mention Diane von Furstenberg. This princess (yes, at one point she donned a crown) turned fashion designer has done as much for the way modern women wear clothing with her liberating jersey wrap dress in 1970 as Coco Chanel did at the turn of the century when she introduced the concept of casual chic to corset-bearing women everywhere.

While her famed dress has a legion of fans around the world (she has stores in 55 countries), the designer often cites her love/hate affair with the hourglass making, toss-it-on style. “She paid for all my bills…” she said to LA Weekly, “but sometimes I ever resented the wrap dress because whenever my name is there, it’s always ‘Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress’ and I always say ‘but I do other things too.'” That, she most certainly does. This, the 40th Anniversary of DVF, has been a big one. The designer celebrated with her much buzzed about “Journey of a Dress” exhibit in L.A., continues to lead the CFDA as president and, as of this year, Forbes listed her as the 68th most powerful woman in the world

Tina wears two iconic Americana looks. The 1970s DVF two piece graphic set is paired with nude YSL heels to let the outfit do all the talking. The green DVF horseshoe print dress is styled with black and tan leather cowboy boots. All pieces available in store.