C. Madeleine’s + Style Bubble = Perfection

Susie Bubble is one of the most recognisable, most respected and most widely-read fashion bloggers in the world. There is no wonder why she would mention C. Madeleine’s in her blog! Here is what she said:

“The name of the post refers both to the location of the store and the purchase at the store. It was arduous getting to C Madeleine’s, a vintage store that a couple of readers recommended on 13702 Biscayne Blvd in Miami but it was well worth the grotty bus ride up there and the feeling of not knowing where the hell I’m going. I’m now convinced that in every state of USA, a humongous trove of a vintage goodness exists seeing as I discovered the most wonderful vintage archive at Texas last year. C Madeleine’s though is not just for looking through as a museum archive but everything is for sale and it’s all minty vintage goodness. By ‘minty’, I mean high-quality, carefully selected and with historical breadth. Literally, name a Western Europe/American designer from 1930-1995.

I very bluntly declared to the shop assistant there that it was quite frankly one of the best vintage stores I had ever visited. Yes, London has a fantastic selection but I hadn’t come across one this well organised and well represented. You would walk in there with a very specific idea of what you’re after and C Madeleine’s will produce it. I felt like I needed a map to navigate through the store but it was quite conveniently sectioned off into…Period Categories: Victorian-20’s // 30’s-50’s // 60’s-70’s, Thematic Categories: Cocktail/Party Dresses // Ethnic // Beach, Accessories are again neatly displayed…

However, in such a cavernous vintage store, this doesn’t mean it’s cheap as chips and of course it could never be so when you have Alaia, Valentino, Chanel, Balenciaga and Thierry Mugler jumping out at you as well as a display of high craftsmanship especially in the older pieces.”