C. Madeleine’s + Art Basel

It’s that time of year again, Miami! You know what we are talking about; The time when the streets of Miami are buzzing with art, artists and major fashion icons.  Art Basel is the perfect eclectic mix of art and fashion which is just right up our alley.  This year, C. Madeleine’s really aimed to fuse the two worlds of fashion and art together through some very special collaborations.  We teamed up with top fashion influencers such as Stacy Engman (think W. magazine), and famed online personality Julz Goddard of YesJulz. Blurring the lines between fashion and art was our main focus!  Madeleine even appeared in a special Art Basel themed ‘Fashion Gone Local’ segment that will be out in Spring 2016.
As we all know art mirrors fashion, and what better place than Art Basel? Many top fashion designers have also been known to draw inspiration from art and bring that influence into their design. Fashion designers fly in just for this event, and while in town they always make it a point to stop by our store. All in all, we would say C. Madeleine’s had another successful year, and just in case you missed all of the festivities, there’s always next year! Now, for some snapshots of our favorite events from the week: