Betsey Johnson Made The Princess Meet The Punk

With New York Fashion Week nearly halfway under wraps, our vintage pieces from Betsey Johnson will keep our American designer spotlight cartwheeling for a long, long time. 

betsychairA dress by Betsey Johnson is not for the subtle of style. Everything she puts her cherry-hued fingernails on is a perfect mix of punk and princess, from starkly striped tees to tufted and tulle-filled skirts. Her ability to stay young supersedes her; at 72, the woman can still cartwheel into a split.

She’s come a long way since her youthquake days back in the 60s, when models like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick ruled magazine covers and Andy Warhol ruled the scene. She’s one of the fashion designers who’s credited with creating the fashion of the movement and to be honest, her style has never really lost its youthful edge either. Her threads are for the types of girls who don’t take life too seriously, and demand attention wherever they go with a wardrobe as wild as their personalities. Then again, it seems the designer doesn’t stray too far from who she’s designing for.

Tina wears a 1980s Betsey Johnson cotton dress with Stella McCartney patent leather, stacked heel boots. Both available in store. Call (305) 945-7770.