All Day Long They Work So Hard…

Very few things in fashion last the test of time.  Like clockwork a new season rolls around and the “old” pieces roll off the pages of Vogue & Elle and are supplemented with pieces plastered in a preexisting expiration date.  But there are some pieces that persevere, and they do for a reason.  The classic Chanel quilted chain bag stands tall amongst those very few “chosen ones.”  Quilted chain bags represent the point where timeless elegance meets contemporary charm to make a golden love child that has the versatility of a George Foreman Grill.  With a plethora of sizes, colors, and materials this bag has had a spot reserved in generations of fashion lover’s closets.  Whether stepping out to run errands on the streets of SoHo or going out to dinner in LA, the classic Chanel quilted chain bag has found itself on the arm of many celebrities. This bag can be the finishing piece on an easy outfit like Kimmy K. or be a funky element to a ‘fit like Rita Ora’s vibrant yellow bag with her neon pink sweater; this bag has a flavor for all those who are interested.  If you’re looking for a statement bag that will last the test of time & trend, the classic quilted chain is the ideal investment piece.

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Andrea Henao