A Tribute to the Queen of Prep

After schoolmate Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed wearing one of Lilly Pulitzer’s dresses made from kitchen curtain material, the shift dresses became a hit!  But Pulitzer didn’t always have aspirations of being the head of an iconic fashion brand.  After marrying former husband Richard Pulitzer and settling in Palm Beach county, the bored socialite opened a juice stand in 1959 to pass the time.  But there was a problem; squeezing the juice left her clothes in ruins.  Pulitzer asked her dressmaker to create something she could wear that would hide the juice stains and they came up with the sleeveless cotton shift dresses in bright prints which would eventually earn the name the “Lilly” dress.  Today Lilly Pulitzer dresses are a staple amongst the American prep style.

1. 1960s Butterfly Shift Dress 2. Sleeveless Sun Dress 3. Chartreuse Dress 4. Golden Yellow Sun Dress

In honor of Lilly Pulitzer’s passing on April 7, we wanted to gather some of our original “Lillys” to share with you.  These amazing dresses are the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.  There isn’t a more fitting way to pay homage to Lilly Pulitzer then to “Do it With Vintage” in one of her original pieces!

Andrea Henao