A History Lesson: Norman Norell

As countless A-listers have waltzed down the Red Carpet donning their vintage Norman Norell, this famed visionary has certainly become one of the most sought after designers by both celebrities and avid fashionistas alike. Norell’s uncanny ability to forecast imminent fashion trends have marked him as the “Dean of American Fashion” as his collections epitomize all we imagine when envisioning the glamourous looks associated with 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Born Norman David Levinson in 1900, Norell’s career began in New York City when he produced looks for silent movies and broadway productions, working with such magnanimous stars as Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino. By combining elements from these grandiose sources with his sophisticated hand in tailoring, Norell was able to create the avant-garde collections that revolutionized the face of Ready-To-Wear fashion. Highly respected amongst Parisian designers, Norell spent much time in Europe learning the tricks of the couture trade, hence forth translating American Ready-To-Wear designs into couture worthy works of art.

As the first on many fashion fronts, Norman Norell pioneered his way to the top of the fashion food chain with his innovative designs. Norell introduced leopard print in the 1940s; meticulously tailored suits became his trademark for the ’50s; in the 1960s Norell introduced the elaborate paillette mermaid gowns; and his ’70s dolman sleeve designs opened the door to the boho chic trend.

Norell was most noted for his elegant suits and tailored silhouettes of the 1960s. For all your Norell needs, make your way over to the Norman Norell Online Boutique at C.Madeleine’s to check out the finest designer vintage cyber space has to offer!